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Patients partner with Melody McClain, FNP-C, to resolve specific conditions or symptoms to optimize their health.  Healing From Within specializes in personalized medicine and we work with each patient to meet his/her health goals.​The time and pressure of our overcrowded healthcare system have reduced traditional medicine to no more than "reactive repair work" or, as Melody likes to call it, "Giving a pill for an ill."  Conventional medicine treats symptoms and not the cause of the disease.  In reality, a symptom is a CLUE, and not a diagnosis.  ​We know from experience that permanent positive change in health takes time.  Unlike the band-aid method of conventional medicine, integrative medicine is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  ​Your health is unlike anyone else's, so each treatment plan will be customized especially for your needs at your initial consultation.​We offer wellness programs, BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), weight loss programs, autoimmune programs, disease programs, as well as cancer specialization testing.  Each program combines personal education, individual mentoring, and accountability by addressing the five main pillars of health:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise and Physical Fitness

  • Detoxification

  • Stress Reduction

  • Hormone Balancing

Each customized treatment plan is designed to improve digestion, energy, sleep, anxiety, chronic pain and hormone imbalance.


Direct Consultation

Initial Consultations - 60 minutes

The intention is for every patient to leave his or her consultation empowered to take meaningful steps toward her best health.  Consultations are available in-office as well as virtually.

Laboratory Testing

We specialize in functional lab testing including but not limited to bloodwork, hormone saliva testing, genetic testing, food sensitivity testing, mold/mycotoxin testing, gut microbiome testing, and more, depending upon each patient's diagnosis and need.  

RGCC Cancer Testing

Healing From Within now offers personalized cancer testing using RGCC.  RGCC Labs offer personalized liquid biopsy for the prevention and detection of cancer at all stages, plus latest generation therapies.  These include Onconomics Plus and Oncotrace.

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