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Healing From Within With Tony Valen

This show is about interviews of people with special gifts and talents and how they can use these gifts to help you and heal you from within. Psychic readings will also be provided if requested or needed.


Healing from Within With Tony Valen, 17th Show interview; Teri Lynge

Born in Wisconsin and having moved to Florida at an early age Teri is practically a Florida native.
Teri has had contact and sightings her whole life.

Beginning at age 5 1/2 she tried to explain her experiences to her family and their strong Catholic background prevented them from receiving what she was trying to share. As she went through High school and Jr, College, not much changed, she continued to have a plethora of paranormal happenings that she could not explain.

Having worked in 1972 for Honeywell Aerospace in Clearwater Florida along with her mother and sister she never took seriously Aliens or other worldly beings and never entertained the possibility of life outside the planet.

But all that changed in 1979!
Her experience would shock her and awaken her to a new reality!  She then knew she was chosen to take a very different path than that of her siblings when she came face to face with a hovering craft and Extraterrestrial being in St. Petersburg, FL just blocks from her home.

From that time on she was able to identify her extraterrestrial/paranormal  involvement as odd but normal.
Having retired in 2009  from a 18 year Management position, Teri has taken searching for truth as paramount in her quest for understanding.

She joined MUFON in 2010 and progressed to Assistant State Director in a very short time. She is also a member of the MUFON Star Team And currently working on a book about her life and experiences.
She is a TV host and spokesperson for EA-TV in Tampa Bay Florida ( Enigmatic Anomalies ) and is also a weekly host of EA-Radio and EA News Update. Her passion is helping others find freedom from spiritual interferences and frightening experiences through her gift in Demonology.

Her quest to make others aware of the Alien agenda has kept her busy. She has added 18 new chapters to Florida MUFON in one year and continues to build to this day.

Her faith, passion and curiosity keep her questioning everything. Her motto is:
 "We truly are spiritual beings on a human journey"!