Healing From Within With Tony Valen

This show is about interviews of people with special gifts and talents and how they can use these gifts to help you and heal you from within. Psychic readings will also be provided if requested or needed.


Healing from Within With Tony Valen, 10th Show interview; Carolyn Puckett



Author of the book Divine Connection Stories and Tools for Synchronicities and Miracles.  Authentic body, mind, spirit healer, Carolyn Puckett.

I was inspired to write the book ”Divine Connection Stories and Tools for Synchronicities and Miracles” as I was completing my transformation.  I remember since childhood having the questions “Who am I?” and “What is my life purpose?”  The energy blocks that existed in my mind, body and spirit kept me wandering through the desert for forty years.  I did a lot of self-study and inner work to transform fear to love and negativity to positivity.  I received Myofascial Release and found freedom in my body.  I share this gift with others as a Myofascial Release and physical therapy practitioner.  With Spiritual Response Therapy, I found karmic blocks and spiritual veils removed.  I share this gift with others as a SRT practitioner.  With Oneness Blessing Training, I received reconnection to higher energies.  I share this gift with others as a Oneness Blessing giver.  With John of God healing, my physical energetic healing was complete and I was downloaded with divine energies for a healing program working with the Ascended Masters and the Archangels.  I share this special gift to those who are guided to receive it.  These things I was guided to do brought me to the point of knowing who I am, and then I learned how to communicate with my higher guides to know more, much more than the intuition that I received.  After multitudes of downloads of energy spanning a few years, I have elevated to the highest of dimensional energies possible in human form.  That allows me to live in the state known as ”The Vortex”.  Now I am experiencing miracles and manifesting my higher life purpose as it quickly downloads into my consciousness from my higher self.   It is time to share with others some insights and short-cuts.  I am writing more books and teaching workshops on the topics of transformation, healing, communication with higher guides, miracles and fulfilling divine life purpose.