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Healing From Within With Tony Valen

This show is about interviews of people with special gifts and talents and how they can use these gifts to help you and heal you from within. Psychic readings will also be provided if requested or needed.


Healing from Within With Tony Valen, 23nd Show interview; Healing in the Harbor

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Event Purpose: To educate, entertain, and enlighten the general public on the benefits of wholistic (body, mind and spirit) healing modalities and products. Our mission is also to promote local holistic practitioners and businesses, and to support non-profit community organizations. 
Healing in the Harbor was born from a vision that came to Safety Harbor Psychic Caryl Dennis one quiet evening in 2007. While meditating on her balcony, from which the John Wilson Gazebo Park is visible, she was surprised to “see” the park full of colorful tents, with lots of people milling about; she could 
“hear” the sound of children’s laughter and inspirational music. She never forgot that vision or the sense of community that accompanied it. Eventually, in 2013, she enlisted the aid of Julie Brannon of Bailey’s Naturals, King James of the Sundrummers, Todd and Kiaralinda of Safety Harbor Art & Music Center, performers, sponsors, supporters and more than fifty wholistic vendors and together they manifested it. 
The first Healing in the Harbor event took place on April 6, 2013 and was a great success. More than 2000 enthusiastic attendees experienced a beautiful Spring day filled with stimulating presentations and exhilarating music, as well as the many holistic goods and services offered by the vendors.